“…ethical and ecological products don’t need to look boring, nor ugly…”

Safia Minney

Safia Minney is founder and director of Fair Trade company and the environmental fashion and lifestyle label People Tree. Her companies work in partnership with producers spread across Asia, Africa and Latin America, helping some of the world’s most marginalised communities to improve their lives through fair trade. People Tree’s products are stocked in over 60 stores across Europe, including Topshop’s flagship store and Selfridges in London. Safia was voted one of the world’s most “Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs”, a title awarded by the Schwab Foundation.

People Tree, Fair Trade and Fashion Design: the Aesthetics of Ethics
How to turn a life-long interest in environmental, trade and social justice issues from a lifestyle into a Fair Trade business, providing proof of how ethical and ecological products don’t necessarily need to look boring. People Tree’s designers help to quash the idea that fair trade fashion is ugly and undesirable.