is more than just a conference.

THE TEXTILE AND FASHION WORLDS ARE TODAY, and have been for some time, aiming toward better or new formulas of ethical and environmental fashion that are based on some—but rarely, if ever, all—of the four pillars of sustainability: environmental responsibility, economic health, social equity, and cultural vitality.

During the last five years The Swedish School of Textiles (THS) and The London College of Fashion (LCF) have been independently engaging their education and research institutions in many concrete initiatives that understand the influence of the Textile and Fashion industry as one of the most powerful drivers of the design of the sustainability agenda. THS and LCF share the vision that by incorporating a change-driven humanistic approach focused on the design of new prosperity and better life models into the mainstream of fashion education and research, the Fashion and Textile industry, in collaboration with the arts and sciences can bring a profound contribution to today’s urgent goal of creating sustainable global development.

THS and LCF share the belief that to reach that goal international cooperation among similarly committed institutions, organizations, networks and enterprises that are interested in sharing knowledge and joining their effort to create common action-research projects and proposals is needed.

With this workshop, THS, LCF, and partners have begun to create a solid truly inter- and trans-disciplinary action-driven research network focusing on how to globally and locally meet the fundamental human needs for food, water, shelter, and clothing.

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